Adobe Authorized Training Partner Program FAQ

Adobe Authorized Training Center (AATC)

What is an AATC?
AATCs are commercial training organizations that deliver Adobe Authorized classroom training on Adobe products in one or multiple locations. AATCs are required to staff their classrooms using Adobe Certified Instructors.

What are the benefits of becoming an AATC?
Program benefits and requirements can be found at

How many ACIs are required to get enrolled for the AATC program?
A minimum of 1 ACI is required to teach Adobe courses at the AATC but as an example, if an AATC wants to teach Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign and their ACI is only certified in PS and Illustrator, then the AATC would need to either hire a different ACI to teach the InDesign classes or have their original ACI get certified in InDesign. The AATC needs to make sure courses are taught by ACIs who are certified for those products.

Can we conduct our own courses in our training center?
Yes, you can conduct your own courses in your training center but only an approved ACI can teach Adobe products.

Can a primary location ACI work in our secondary location too?

What logos and trademarks can be used after becoming an AATC?
AATC logo and the product logos for which you have an ACI. Also, you will get AATC certificate once you get enrolled for the AATC program successfully.

Please follow our trademark guidelines here:

Is this program also available for schools, colleges or universities?
AATCs are commercial training organizations that deliver Adobe Authorized classroom training on Adobe products in one or multiple locations. The Adobe Certified Associate program is designed for schools, colleges and universities. 

Below is the link to that program:

I have enrolled for one primary and two secondary locations. How many CCT licenses I will get for my primary and secondary locations?
You will get 20 CCT licenses for the primary and 10 CCT licenses for each secondary location. So, you will get a total of 20+10+10=40 CCT licenses.

How to access my AATC certificate?
Once you become an approved partner, please email us at and request the AATC certificate. We will share the soft copy at that time.

What is the link to access admin console? To know more about the admin console please via -

How to change the primary account in VIP?
The current contract owner (primary administrator), can nominate an existing system administrator (secondary administrator) as the contract owner. Manage your Teams account by following these instructions on how to change the contract owner.

What are the ways to assign CCT licenses?
There are only two ways to assign these 20 CCT licenses. Either you assign these licenses to 20 different email address via VIP portal. Or you can create a packager. For both the ways there is no additional fee.

To create a packager, you can refer the below article: -

Adobe Certified Instructor (ACI)

What is an ACI?
ACIs are individuals who have met teaching and certification requirements defined by Adobe and are certified to deliver Adobe product training.

What are the benefits of becoming an ACI?
Program benefits and requirements can be found at

Is there any fee for ACI program?
There is no fee for the ACI program.

What is the eligibility criteria to become an ACI?
Program benefits and requirements can be found at

I am certified in AEM. Can I apply for the ACI program?
The ACI program does not cover Adobe’s Digital Marketing solutions.

I am an existing training employee ACI. And my profile is not listed in the partner finder. What should I do?
If you would like to be listed in the partner finder, please provide the following information  to

How do I access my ACE credentials and my ACI certificate?

Please visit the below link for the same:-

General Queries

How do I access CIBs (Classroom in a Book soft copy)?

Please login to the partner portal and click on find asset and type the name of the CIB you are looking for ex: - premier pro and you will find it over there.

Is there any discount on the hard copies of CIB (Classroom in a Book)?
You can get hard copies at 60% discounts from Pearson once you get successfully enrolled for the program.

How to access logos?
Please login to the partner portal, click on find asset at the top and type logo in the search field and you will find all the required logos over there.

Can I enroll to become an Adobe Certified Instructor testing center?
Please visit the below link:

How to access demo hub?
Please email to request access.

Can we use free domain email address (such as,, ) to submit the ACI or AATC application?
Please use your business domain only to submit these applications.

Training Partner Support

Training Partner Support

Submit technical support questions using the Adobe Customer Support Portal

Submit Training Partner program questions, contact the Help Desk