Training Partner Portal – New Design and Enhancements

The Adobe Training Partner Portal has been re-designed. We have streamlined the access and enhanced the user experience to make sure you can find the right resources and content easier and faster than ever.

Streamlined Access

Access to resources with one easy click - We have leveraged the latest integration and authentication Single Sign-On infrastructure making it easier to access:

  • Manage Partnership: This link is located at the top of all portal pages, post-login. It’s the gateway to your membership details.  Use this to update contacts for your business, associate with instructors / AATCs, and freshen your business listing in the Partner Finder.
  • ESD: This link is always available, post-login to help you access non- Creative Cloud software benefits in one click.
  • Find Assets: This button is featured on all portal pages. We’ve added improved search functionality to help Partners find assets easier and faster. There’s a new Asset Preview to help you identify assets before downloading.


Enhanced User Experience

Find content easier and faster with refreshed page templates and site design utilizing Adobe’s latest Adobe Experience Manager 6.1 technology.

  • Personalized: Separate experiences for pre-login and post-login users with highlighted content and assets based on Partner membership.
  • Mobile: Access content anywhere, anytime on any device with our new improved mobile experience utilizing Responsive Design.

If you have questions after navigating through the site, please contact our team.