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Title of Recording Date Description
Tech Wednesday- **NDA**Session- What’s new in Photoshop CC  10/19/2016 Join Joel Baer, Adobe's Digital Imaging Product Manager, as he shares with you the new Photoshop features being unveiled at MAX. 
Tech Weds - **NDA**Standing out on Social with Adobe Spark    Michaela Strand, Product Manager Spark Video and Thibault Imbert, Product Manager Spark Post will demonstrate how to stand out on Social with Adobe Spark.
Tech Weds - Adobe XD: Experience live, interactive previews right on your phone or tablet  10/5/2016  Product manager Demian Borba will give you a deep dive into XD’s new mobile apps along with other exciting updates.
Tech Wednesday- **NDA**Session- Adobe Stock Contributor Program  9/28/2016 Join Product Manager and Senior Marketing Manager present the latest developments for the new Adobe Stock contributor program and demo the new stock contributor tools integrated into Adobe CC apps. 
Tips and Tricks on Masking with ACP Monika Gause! 9/21/2016 Join ACP Monika Gause as she shares her tips and tricks on how masking can have big effects on workflows. 
Tech Wednesday - How to be more creative on-demand  9/14/2016 Join ACP Mohammed Jogie as he shares his creative process on "How to be more creative on-demand."
Tech Wednesday- **NDA** Adobe Video - Preview of IBC  8/31/2016  Join Product Managers from Premiere Pro, After Effects and Audition as they present new features coming soon. Get all the details before they are revealed at the International Broadcast Conference (IBC) in Amsterdam in early September. 
Tech Wednesday- Tips, Tricks In Adobe Illustrator 8/24/2016 Adobe Community Professional and Certified Instructor Chana Messer will demonstrate her tips on how to make the most out of Adobe Illustrator.
Tech Wednesday - How eLearning can add to your work with Sally Cox! 8/10/2016 Adobe Community Professional and Certified Instructor, Sally Cox  shares her insights on how to create effective e-learning sessions. 
Tech Wednesday- What’s New in Adobe XD  7/20/2016 Join Adobe's Demian Borba, Colene Chow, and Rich Lee as they share their information on what's new in Adobe XD!
Tech Wednesday - Adobe Stock's Launch of the Contributor Portal 7/13/2016 Please join us on Wednesday July 13th with Adobe's Estee Boon Chew Tian, Morgan David de Lossy, and Kathy Waite as they share their information on Adobe Stock's new Contributor Portal. 
Tech Wednesday-  Creative Cloud Services and Download & Install 6/29/2016 Adobe's Support Product Managers Jeff Wright, Dave Baxter and Sheena Kaul share information on Creative Cloud Services, Libraries and Sync, as well as Download and Install issues that will help you answer your own communities' questions on these topics! 
Tech Wednesday- What’s new in Adobe Stock 6/22/2016 Join Adobe's Gordon Lydon and Adobe Community Professional Mark  Heaps as they review the newest additions to the Stock service. 
Tech Wednesday- What’s New in Photoshop 6/15/2016 Photoshop Product Manager Joel Baer reveals what is new in the next Photoshop release including the new Content-Aware Crop sneaked recently on social media.
Tech Wednesday- **NDA** Creative Cloud Roadmap 6/8/2016 Join Sean Foley as he shares the 2016 Creative Cloud Roadmap.
Tech Wednesday -** NDA** Adobe Creative Cloud Mobile Apps for Design 6/1/2016 Get a recap of the features and updates since MAX as well as a demo of what’s to come for Capture CC, Sketch, Draw and Comp CC.
Tech Wednesday- **NDA** What’s new in Illustrator and InDesign 5/25/2016 Join senior members of the Illustrator and InDesign teams as they conduct  a  deep dive into what’s coming in the next releases. 
Tech Wednesday- Tricks, Tips and Features of Adobe Presenter Video Express 5/18/2016 Join Adobe Education Leader, Lee Keller  to see the new functions of Video Express 11 and how to make your own backgrounds in both static and video formats. 
Tech Wednesday- Visual Simulations in Photoshop and Illustrator 5/4/2016 Join Adobe Community Professional and Adobe Certified Instructor Jim Maivald will demonstrate some of the fun tips and techniques you can use in Photoshop and Illustrator to create visual simulations of your next home or office project.
Tech Wednesday- How to Create Your Strong LinkedIn Profile 4/27/2016 In this session Sally Cox will share with you why LinkedIn has been so successful for her in finding work. 
TechWeds: A Photographer’s Workflow: From Lightroom to Photoshop and Back Again 04/25/2016 [UNDER NDA]. Please join us for our Tech Wednesday with award winning photographer and best-selling author Mikkel Aaland as he shows you his Lightroom workflows.
TechWeds: Creating Better Slide Presentations 04/25/2016  [UNDER NDA]. Interested in jazzing up your presentations?  Please join ACP Sally Cox for this week’s Tech Wednesday as she shares her Top Tips for Better Presentations.
TechWeds: Creative Cloud Application Workflows 04/25/2016 [UNDER NDA]. Please Join Dee Sadler as she hosts another session of 10 minutes ACP demos of workflows across Creative Cloud applications.
TechWeds: Cross-Product Workflows 04/25/2016  [Under NDA] Please join us for our upcoming Tech Wednesday when ACP Dee Sadler will host the second in her series of 10  minute demos from her ACP peers showing Creative Cloud cross-product workflows.
TechWeds: Easy Ways to Save You Hours in Menial Workflow Tasks 04/25/2016  [UNDER NDA]. Join us for our upcoming Tech Wednesday when ACP Pariah Burke will share Easy Ways to Save Yourself Hours in Menial Workflow Tasks
TechWeds: Photoshop CC 2015: Keystone Selection Techniques 04/25/2016  [UNDER NDA]. Join us for our upcoming Tech Wednesday when  ACI Andy Anderson will share his presentation on Photoshop CC 2015: Keystone Selection Techniques.
TechWeds: Introducing Project Comet 04/25/2016 [UNDER NDA]. Please Join us for this week’s Tech Wednesday with Joan Lafferty, Product Manager, as she introduces Project Comet. You may recall, Project Comet is a new solution for UX designers.
TechWeds: Using CC Mobile Workflows for Inspirational Demos 04/25/2016 [UNDER NDA]. Please join Adobe's <strong>Jerry Silverman</strong> for a quick overview of his almost entirely Adobe CC Mobile workflow for capturing, organizing, assembling and presenting inspirational demos for his audiences.
TechWeds: The Adobe Creative Residency Program 03/01/2016  Hosted by Adobe's Community Liaison Libby Nicholoau- The Adobe Creative Residency supports the creative community and honors individuals whose work elevates the role of visual content in our culture.
TechWeds: Creative Cloud Application Workflows 03/01/2016  Please Join Dee Sadler as she hosts another session of 10 minutes ACP demos of workflows across Creative Cloud applications.
Adobe Publish Online: Effortlessly Publish InDesign Documents Online
InDesign Product Manager Saurabh Mahajan shares how Publish Online lets you publish any InDesign document online with a single click on a URL in any modern browser on any desktop/tablet without installing a plug-in. 
Designing Infographics 02/29/2016 ACP Sally Cox will tell you all about "Designing Infographics" which help convey large chunks of information clearly and concisely. Adding visual elements helps guide the user through the story.
Making InDesign's Automation Features Work Even Harder 02/29/2016 Please join ACP Sandee Cohen as she will be showing her tips and tricks to do even more with InDesign's automation features including numbered lists, table of contents, and cross references. 
TechWeds - Premiere Clip on Android and Adobe's Channel on 11/25/2015 Create and edit amazing videos on-the-go with Adobe Premiere Clip, coming soon for Android phones.
TechWeds: Introducing Adobe Fuse! 10/21/2015  Join Jeanette Matthews, Junior Technical Director for Adobe Fuse, as she shows you how to build custom 3D characters without any experience with modeling and the new CC 3D Animation features in Photoshop.

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